Cocktail Party

- Giona’s mini crab cakes, served w/ chipotle pepper sauce.

- Grilled filet mignon served on crostino, caramelized onions finished w/
wasabi cream.

- Shrimp wrapped w/pancetta, served w/ spicy sun dried tomato dip.

- Mediterranean- style baked cod,  mango- cilantro chutney on rice cracker.

di Parma.  
- Cremini mushroom, filled w/ truffle risotto baked to perfection.

- Slowly braised ribs marinated, overnight w/ Asian dry rub, accompanied w/ house made duck sauce.

- Colombian-style beef empanada, served w/ our unique tomato salsa.

- Red potato, filled w/ imported taleggio cheese topped w/ crisped scallions.

-Thai spring rolls, filled w/ shrimp & veggies served w/ ginger-soy sauce.

- Grilled marinated flank steak, wrapped around dicon sprouts topped
with peanut- curry drizzle.
- Marinated grilled chicken skewers, served w/ fruit chutney finished w/ sesame seeds.

- Pate` of smoked trout, served on toasted black bread  finished w/ slowly roasted chives.
 - Grilled Frenched baby lamb chops, served w/ cranberry- orange relish.

- Lobster- corn fritters, served w/ herbed lime cream sauce.

- Dried fig filled w/ herbed cream cheese, wrapped w/ proscutto

- Crab-avocado salad seasoned, fresh herbs & lime, served on corn chip.

- Marinated grilled lamb skewers, served w/ red currant relish.

- Mini cellophane roll, filled w/ avocado, cucumber, carrot, rice noodles & cilantro served w/ spicy chili vinaigrette dip.

- Fried or steamed dumplings, filled w/ minced lamb, veal & pork
accompanied by yakitori dipping sauce.

- Thinly sliced smoked duck breast, wrapped around  mango & sautéed Asian chives  served w/ apricot glaze.

- Sea scallops, encrusted w/ black sesame seeds served w/ saffron beurre blanc.


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